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Back of the Yards Garlic Pepper Butcher’s Rub
This is possibly our best grilling mixture, and one of our top selling spice blends. Pepper, garlic and shallots are a tough mix to beat, making a wonderful rub for steak and roasts, burgers, chicken, and even vegetables.

Bay View Tuscan
Bread-Dip Seasoning
Add 1-2 tablespoons seasoning to 1/2 cup olive oil to make delicious dip for loaves of rustic bread! Add 1/2 cup vinegar to mix above to make tasty vinegar and oil salad dressing. Also good for meatloaf, or as a marinade for chicken or lamb.

Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle

Named for Milwaukee’s Italian neighborhood, this blend of rich Romano cheese
powder with garlic and Italian herbs is a lovely seasoning for garlic bread,
pasta, and baked or sauteed vegetables.
Sprinkle it onto popcorn for a deliciously cheesy snack

Bridgeport Seasoning
One of our favorites for all types of potatoes, so we highlighted its connection to the Irish by naming it after Chicago’s famous Irish neighborhood. Bright and cheesy, this blend is also tasty in pasta salad or on steamed cabbage or other veggies.

California Seasoned Pepper
California Seasoned Pepper is among the best of our sodium free blends, and in addition to being salt-free, it also has no msg or sugar. This versatile blend of sharp pepper with sweet bell pepper and savory garlic and onion is a wonderful table condiment, and can season nearly any cooking.

Chicago Steak Seasoning
This is a meat-lover’s dream seasoning. Sprinkle on steaks, chops, ribs, burgers. If you make your own beef jerky, try this one! A blend of msg, pepper, salt, garlic, natural smoke flavor, worcestershire powder, sugar, celery seed, lemon juice powder, pirosil for anti-caking and basil. Sodium content: 478.49 mg per teaspoon; 13.18% sodium

Old Cedarburg Seasoning
Old Cedarburg Seasoning also known as Ukrainian Village seasoning is good on any style of chicken: shake on before baking, or mix 2 tablespoons per cup of flour for dredging chicken before frying. Good for almost any type of vegetable, eggs, hamburgers, popcorn, or French fries. Make stale bread into seasoned croutons by cutting it into cubes, tossing in a little oil and then Cedarburg Village Seasoning and baking at 350 degrees until toasted
(5-10 minutes).Hand-mixed from Kosher flake salt, garlic, onion, Tellicherry black pepper, minced green onions, red and green bell peppers. Sodium content 734.16 mg per teaspoon; 26.22% sodium

Chili Powder
Chili powder has many applications, and the rich flavor of The Spice House chili powder never disappoints. We use ancho chile as the base for this mild chili powders because of its sweet, rich flavor and lovely deep maroon color, and build up the flavor with cumin, garlic, and Mexican oregano.

Saigon Cinnamon
aigon cinnamon, Cinnamomum loureiroi, is our most popular cinnamon by far,
and we are consistently proud of its freshness and incredibly strong, spicy, sweet flavor.
This finely ground a sifted powder has an unbelievably high 5-7% oil content,
for a flavor that will dominate in any recipe.

Dill Dip Mix
Use this blend to mix up a delicious dip for chips, crackers and crudites. Full of bright dill flavor on a savory onion and celery base, this blend is also nice for baked or pan-fried fish.

Florida Seasoned Pepper
Florida seasoned pepper is a salt-free blend with tons of flavor that is a favorite among Spice House staff. The bright citrusy notes and sharp bite of pepper on a savory base of onion and garlic is so flavorful, you won’t miss the salt!
This is among our most versatile seasonings and is great on turkey, pork chops, roast duck or pheasant, fried chicken, baby back ribs, steaks, burgers, fish, eggs, vegetables, or to liven up a bland gravy or sauce. Hand mixed from: Tellicherry coarse grind black pepper, minced lemon and orange peel, citric acid, garlic and onion powders.

 Bronzeville “Galena Street” Rib Rub
This rub was created many years ago in our Milwaukee Spice House location, where it’s known as Galena Street Rib Rub. Since the day it was made, we’ve believed it to be the best dry spice rub for ribs you’ll ever find.

Herbes de Provence French Herb Blend
This rich and complex herb mix will add a wonderful French flavor to any dish. Full of classic herbs like thyme, tarragon, basil, and rosemary, with an exotic twist from lavender and cracked fennel, this blend is wonderful in vegetable stews, braised meats, and salads.

“New York City Herbs”
A delicious salt free blend of aromatic herbs, lemon and garlic. Our Little Italy is perfect for pizza, pasta, garlic bread or baked chicken or fish. Mix with extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar for a healthy Italian vinaigrette.

Mitchell Street Steak Seasoning
Also known as Milwaukee Polish seasoning, this mixture has a very smoky, peppery, garlicky flavor. Use on steaks, ribs, chops and hamburgers to add a rich wood-grilled flavor. It also makes a wonderful rub for pork roast!

Pot Herbs Soup Blend
This flavorful mix of bright savory herbs is designed to hold up well to long simmering in soups and broths. Toss a handful of these herbs in the pot when making stock. or chicken or vegetable soups.

Mr. Spice House Salt Free Seasoning Blend

Mrs. Dash, meet Mr. Spice House! This richly savory blend of fragrant herbs and dehydrated vegetables will add a punch of flavor to any dish, without adding salt.

Sunny Paris Salt-Free Seasoning
Sunny Paris is an exquisite seasoning full of freeze-dried shallots; which seem to create a salt-like satisfaction to the taste buds. Add in the green peppercorns, some top-quality French herbs, and we blend up a premium seasoning that may well be our most popular salt-free blend.

Chicago Old Town Premium Spiced Sugar
Chicago Old Town Premium Spiced Sugar is a wonderful take on our sweet hand-made vanilla sugar, given a spicy twist with the addition of rich cassia cinnamon and fragrant cardamom. It’s an addictive treat on toast, pancakes, or fresh fruit, or delicious in coffee or tea. This blend begins with our premium small-batch vanilla sugar, to which we add freshly ground Chinese cassia cinnamon as well as a small amount of aromatic ground Indian cardamom. Sprinkle this blend anywhere you would use vanilla sugar, and enjoy the deeper depth and more complex flavors. This blend is perfect in tea and reminiscent of the Middle Eastern tradition of flavoring coffee with cardamom. Also amazing on buttered toast, or sprinkled on oatmeal or yogurt. Great sprinkled onto pie crust or tea cake before baking.

Taco/ Nacho Salad Seasoning
This cheese and spice mixture has the flavor necessary for an authentic taco salad or dip;
next time you make a taco salad, blend these spices with your sour cream.
Use it in that classic Midwestern picnic dish–Seven Layer Salad.Hand mixed from:
cheese (parmesan, cheddar, romano), paprika, salt, sesame seeds, cumin, tomato powder,
garlic, onion, scallions, Mexican oregano, cilantro.
Sodium content 186.87 mg per teaspoon; 8.61% sodium

Wauwatosa Village Seasoning
Wauwatosa Village seasoning is a namesake seasoning.
The main ingredient that focuses this blend is celery, combined with a
number of other high-end components.

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