Making Cutout Cookies

Tips for Making Cutout Cookies

The Mustache and Dress (as well as 20 other shapes)  cookie cutters are available at the Greendale Visitor Center for only $2.99 each!

1- For easier handling, chill dough for 1 to 2 hours before rolling out. Lightly flour the surface and rolling pin.  Roll out dough as evenly as possible to the recommended thickness.

2- Dip the cutter in flour, then press the cutter into the dough.  Lift each cookie with a small metal spatula or pancake turner to support the cookie as it is removed to the baking sheet.

3- Bake according to recipe directions. With a metal spatula or pancake turner, remove cookies from the baking sheet to a wire rack, being careful to support the entire cookie. Cool completely before frosting or storing.
dress mustache

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