Choosing Honey Dew

As with any melon we need to use all 5 of our senses to pick that just right melon.

SIGHT FIRST: Look for the richest color and if it has some webbing, that’s always a good sign. The color should be creamy looking.

TOUCH SECOND: Now feel them and if they feel waxy, then that is a very good sign. That doesn’t mean they’re dipped in wax. It’s just means the starch (of which all fruit is in a starchy state until they’re ripe) in the melon has turned to sugar (good sugar) on the vine which will give it a full, rich, succulent, sweet, delicious flavor.┬áMany people trying to push their finger through the melon to see if it’s good. That’s not a good thing to do as surely it will bruise. Some people like to thump a Watermelon to see if it’s ripe. This might work with a watermelon when it sounds like a good base note, but not with any other melons that I know of.

SMELL THIRD: Smell it for its distinct smell and the sweeter the smell, of course it has the best chance of being great.

HEARING FOURTH: Pick up the melon and shake it. If the seeds shake or even if they don’t, that’s a good sign. But if they sound soupy and slushy, then that’s a bad sign. That means it’s too far gone…probably sour inside and ready to burst.

TASTE LAST: Sometimes if you are at a farmer’s Market they will let you plug it if there are confident with their produce and let you taste it. But if you do the 1st four steps correctly then the 5th one should be slam-dunk.


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