Burger Press


Robinson’s Tastee-Rings Burger Press

(with RING-GROOVE Design)
Yes, the rings really do keep the burgers moist and the press forms the burgers to an equal size so that they all cook evenly!burger-press1-300x300

To form and seal food patties in plastic wrap.
1- Cover base with plastic wrap. Place portion of food on plastic.
2- Fold plastic loosely over food.
3. Press- Firmly – with top.
4. Fold edges of plastic in over patty – repress to seal.

Patties prepared, as above, have unequaled qualities.
1- They are clean- pleasant to handle- protected from contamination.
2- They cook uniformly and fast, in about 1/2 the time of other patty forms.
3- Patties hold together well- less apt to break-up in skillet or through the grill.
4- The circular grooves trap juices and seasonings for delicious taste.
5- Patties sealed in plastic food wrap freeze and store exceptionally well.

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