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New Edition’s Off the Press- with New Diners and $780 of ‘$5.00 Off’ Coupons

14432147798751305286803How’s this for a food bargain? Just $16.98 for a Directory filled with $780 worth of discount coupons…good at over 150 of Wisconsin’s top rural restaurants.

HERE’s what many readers have been waiting for–the Second Edition of the Directory of Wisconsin’s Best Ma & Pa Restaurants.
Subscribers really cleaned their plate with our last serving. They ordered nearly 5,000 copies of our First Edition …then started asking for another helping.

So here’s our latest edition of the unique guide to over 450 cafes and diners across Wisconsin “where the locals go” for great down-home food.

So, right this way, your table’s waiting…at a host of new rural restaurants that weren’t featured in the previous Directory…along with another set of “$5.00 Off” coupons that encourage you to give these diners a try.

In all, 156 restaurants are offering these discount coupons, for a total of $780! And with this new Directory being offered to subscribers at just $14.98, that means you’ll cover its cost with the first three $5.00 coupons you use.

Plus, note these coupons don’t expire ’til December 31, 2017, so you can keep this Directory handy in your car and make good use of them for a long time.

May We Take Your Order?
Directory of Wisconsin’s Best Ma & Pa Restaurants: $16.98 plus $4.98 for shipping.

The shipping is a flat rate of $4.98-no matter how many copies you order at the same time. It makes a really unique gift for friends.

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This thick 8-1/2” x 11” full–color Directory is priced  at $16.98 plus $4.98 for shipping
(WI sales tax included)

So your purchase cost is covered after you use the “$5.00 Off” coupons for just  three or four meals.

Over 450 Diners on Our Map

There’s a lot to like about has big, 84-page, full-color Directory:

  • It includes a detailed map for location each place. If you study this “Find and Dine” map, it can serve as a road map for eating your way across Wisconsin!
  • To make it easier to look up selected restaurants, we arranged them by county in the Restaurant Guide section.
  • For each restaurant, we included comments from some regular customers on “Best thing on the menu” and “What keeps me coming back”.
  • On top of all this, there are those “$5.00 Off” coupons for 156 of these Ma & Pa places. They’re intended solely for new customers, and only one in each party.

The aim for these diners is to attract new customers who will be so pleased with the prices and these “meals like Mom’s” that they’ll become repeat customers and bring their friends.