Strapped for Cash? Cure It With Cookies

Groups say this is “The easiest, most profitable fund raiser ever!”

“We’ve tried selling pizza, candy, citrus, gift wrapping and held car washes,” said one team leader.

“Nothing has ever sold as well or as profitably as this cookie book. At $5.00 profit from each $9.99 sale, we made our goal in no time!”

Another said, “It sure beats a bake sale!” One group sold over 600 copies in less than 2 weeks. At $5.00 profit per book, they made $3,000!

Another group sold 300 in a week. One Boy Scout sold 100 copies by himself! That’s how easy it is to sell this 120-page, full-color Best of Country Cookies book.

Now in its seventh printing, it is by far the best-selling cookie book ever published—over 300,000 copies were sold at its original $14.99 price.

And now it’s becoming one of the best fund raising items ever. Easy to understand— who doesn’t like cookies?

Over 120 schools, booster clubs, churches and other groups are currently selling it. We keep hearing again and again, “It’s the best fund raiser we’ve ever tried!”

Buyers Find It’s a Bargain

“When customers see the quality of the book, with its color photos and 250 recipes, they’re surprised it’s less than $10,” said one group leader.

cookiebook (1)

“It’s mostly a matter of show and sell. We encourage customers to buy extra copies as gifts!” Part of this program’s success is the help we give groups who inquire. We immediately respond by sending a “Sales Guide” kit that gives complete information on how to get the group organized…includes a “script” for team members to use in approaching customers…and a long list of suggestions and ideas we’ve gathered from groups now selling the book. While some groups go door-to-door, others simply sell the book at community gatherings such as school sporting events, church suppers, local functions, etc.

Others have had success by staffing a small display at area grocery stores and restaurants, where they post a sign that says, “FREE COOKIE with purchase of book.” (This has really worked well!) Some have successfully asked beauty shops, barbershops, local stores and service centers to help the group with sales.

Not Just Another Cookbook

Here’s some background on this book: It was published as the result of a national cookie contest conducted by Taste of Home, the largest food magazine in the U.S. Over 34,000 recipes poured in! And this book contains the 250 best recipes from that contest, each which had been some family’s long-time favorite. It includes recipes for Drop Cookies, Bars & Brownies, Sandwich Cookies, Cutout Classics, Quick & Easy Treats, Bake Sale Beauties and a lot more. You likely won’t be able to page through this book without getting hungry for one of these freshly-baked beauties. Customers obviously feel the same, and that’s why it’s proving to be such a success for fund raisers.

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1.Like to See a Sample?

We’ll gladly send you a free copy of this book so you can examine it and understand why it sells so easily at just $9.99 (with your group profiting $5.00 each). Just provide your address by phone or email.

2. No Payment Up Front.

Groups are not required to pay for the books in advance. The books are sent with a bill payable in 30 days. That means no “start up money” is needed; groups can pay with early profits. If you prefer, you can pay for the books up front at $4.99 each. But we’ve learned to trust groups, so paying in advance is not necessary.

3.Low-Cost Shipping.

The Post Office allows us to ship a case of these books (50 per case) anywhere in the U.S. for just $14.99. While the books and shipping costs can be paid for in 30 days.

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