Welcome to The Cook’s Nook, formerly the Greendale Visitor Center.


Stop in to see us in our new location!

5676 Broad Street, just 9 doors south of our previous location.
We are located between the new Greendale Welcome Center
and Kitschecoo Art & Craft Shed.

Greendale Open Market Day
Saturday, July 23rd Specials

Non-stick Cheese Knife Cuts soft, medium and hard cheeses. Great for brownies, rice crispy treats and other desserts. Cuts salami, hard boiled eggs and other soft foods reg 7.99 Saturday $5.99

All Garden Art now 25% OFF!
Choose from amusing plaques with mini shepherds hooks, rain gauges, plant ties, wind spinners and more!


Taste of Home Fun Food – Special Collectors Edition

  • Rise & Shine Breakfasts
  • Lunch Box Surprises
  • Special-Day Dinners
  • Snack & Treats
  • Birthday Cakes

Reg. $7.99 Saturday: $5.00


Monks Meadow & Amelia’s:
No Bake Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake
Just add 8oz sour cream and 8oz tub whipped topping.
Pour in a graham cracker crust.
Delicious and easy!
Stop in for a sample! $5.99